This method builds upon the fundamental idea of Gestalt therapy, which considers the Self of humans as an interaction with the environment, the “field”, surrounding them. In this open frame of the Gestalt, sleep coaching includes four elements which uncover and treat the sleep disorder. Those four elements, which can unfold freely in the world of the Gestalt, are: sleep education and knowledge about sleep, sleep training with its roots in cognitive behavior therapy, relaxing techniques including hypnosis and meditation techniques, and dream work. The specific characteristic of the sleep coaching method is the rapid effectiveness, that helps really fast to increase the quality of sleep within people affected by sleep disorders and so relieves them from the negative psychological and physical effects of unhealthy sleep.


The method of sleep coaching has a lasting effect and thus provides on a long term a better quality of life. For people working in the field of medical health care, we would like to draw attention to the possibility to attend to the postgraduate program “sleep coaching” at the Medical University of Vienna. The program lasts 3 semesters and participants who successfully complete the program get a certificate from the University qualifying them as sleep coach.


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